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Best Cloud Storage & Back Up Solution

Recognizes the best application for storing and backing up data in the cloud. Storage solutions include Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud offerings.

Backblaze Online Backup - Backblaze

Backblaze provides an online backup service for PC and Mac computers. The Backblaze service installs in minutes and automatically, securely and continuously backs up an unlimited amount of data for just $5/month, $50/year or $95/2 years per computer. We back up all data files, photos, videos and more by default, there is no need to choose the files to back up. We automatically select the best backup speed, and allow people to set a time window and speed if desired. File sizes can be unlimited and there are no limit to the amount of data a computer can back up. External USB hard drives are included in the price. Users can easily restore files, folders or their entire hard drive using a web browser.

Our datacenter currently manages over 40 Petabytes of customer data on our storage pods. We designed these storage pods, which are built from readily available commercial parts to reduce the cost of storage versus comparative systems. We open sourced the design of these storage pods and hundreds of companies have utilized the design to meet their own storage needs.

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    Citrix ShareFile - Citrix

    Citrix ShareFile allows companies to create a custom-branded, password-protected space where they can exchange business files with clients, partners or colleagues easily and securely. By offering best-in-class capabilities to end users, such as secure file sharing on any device and seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, ShareFile delivers faster access to files, with more security and at a lower cost.

    ShareFile is not your typical consumer file sharing solution. It was built specifically for businesses to meet the increased demand from the workforce to work anywhere at any time. It empowers employees to use their preferred mobile device, all while businesses maintain control over security and mission-critical data.

    With ShareFile, businesses are given the flexibility to choose optimal locations for storing their data- on premises within their private cloud, in secure Citrix ShareFile-managed cloud storage or a hybrid of the two. This also helps organizations meet unique compliance and data sovereignty policies that require them to store data within their datacenter.

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    Quorum Solution - Quorum

    Quorum® provides assured, one-click backup, recovery and continuity, helping businesses safeguard their revenue, customers and reputation. The award-winning Quorum series of appliance and hybrid cloud solutions makes continuity a reality for small to mid-sized companies, letting them recover from any type of disaster within minutes. Most importantly, Quorum is simple and cost-effective. If your company avoids just 30 minutes of downtime, the Quorum Solution pays for itself.

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    Red Hat Storage Servers for public and hybrid clouds - Red Hat, Inc.

    Red Hat Storage Servers are open source, scale-out network attached storage (NAS) and object storage software solutions and are designed to work seamlessly with industry-standard off-the-shelf x86 servers. Built on industry leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, they provide freedom of choice by allowing enterprises to deploy cost-effective, scalable, and highly-available storage without compromising on scale, performance, or availability.

    Easily deployed on-premise, in private clouds, in public cloud infrastructures or hybrid cloud environments, Red Hat Storage Servers are optimized for storage-intensive enterprise workloads, including high-performance computing that needs high throughput, nearline archival and rich media content delivery. Red Hat Storage servers support industry standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and OpenStack Swift.

    Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud is a pre-integrated, pre-verified and ready to run Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that provides a fully POSIX compatible highly available scale-out NAS and object storage solution for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure.

    Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud is a pre-integrated, pre-verified and ready to run scale-out NAS and object storage solution for deployment in both the on-premise data center/private cloud and public cloud infrastructures

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