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NetProspex B2B Data Services - NetProspex

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NetProspex drives customer acquisition by partnering with B2B marketers to deliver a suite of services around marketing contacts, cleansing, appending, and profiling analysis. From targeted prospect lists to comprehensive quality and targeting assessments, NetProspex is a data partner for B2B marketers looking to realize greater business value from their contact data.

- 47M people changed jobs last year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
- 88% of buyers lie on a registration form. (Janrain and Blue research)
- A business record decays at 2% each month. (NetProspex phone validation research)

NetProspex maintains a deep database of millions of crowd-sourced business contacts verified by CleneStep technology. Only NetProspex has this proprietary 3-dimensional verification process that ensures accurate contact records. Thousands of B2B organizations rely on NetProspex to acquire and maintain clean, accurate, high-performing prospect data to fuel effective marketing campaigns.

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