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ClassLink LaunchPad iOS & Touch Apps - ClassLink, Inc.

Winner In:
Best Cloud Application Service

ClassLink LaunchPad™ iOS & Touch Apps delivers a personal cloud desktop to your tablet or handheld. Access from these mobile devices allows schools to provide the same learning experience to all students regardless of device type. Whether using an Android, Apple or Windows mobile device, your students will have fast and easy access to all their school resources. LaunchPad is a cloud-based learning desktop that provides administrators, teachers and students personalized access to files and applications on any device at any time. LaunchPad Cloud Desktop delivers cost savings for schools and all reduces the complexity often inherent with technology. LaunchPad features a resource library, single sign-on to all applications and files, and the ability to collaborate in real time. Simple to set up and manage, LaunchPad’s easy-to-use cloud desktop is a great solution for schools looking to implement a successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or 1to1 instruction model. With more and different mobile devices showing up in the classrooms today, users expecting 24/7 access and schools needing to keep costs low, LaunchPad™ iOS & Touch will quickly provide the desired new approach.

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