Call for Speakers

General Information/ FAQ

The 2019 Education Business Forum will be held December 9-10 in New York.

Your session proposal will be considered if:

  1. The topic addresses a priority topic related to the conference theme of momentum.
  2. The description is clear as to the purpose and what attendees will learn.
  3. Your presentation plan allows time for attendees’ questions and observations.

Are conference registration fees waived for presenters and facilitators?

  • No. Most presenters and facilitators attend the entire conference. We offer a discounted registration fee of $795 to speakers.

What presentation formats are offered?

  • Panel Presentations (45-50 minutes) Rooms are set theater style. Teams of experts share insights related to the conference theme on topics integrating educator feedback into product development, planning for impact, best practices in research and product design, using impact stories to market and sell products.
  • Breakout Sessions (45-50 minutes) Rooms are set to facilitate guided discussion on topics related to the conference theme.

How many proposals may I submit?

  • You may submit as many proposals as you’d like, however each attendee may participate as a speaker in only one session on the program.

May I have a co-speaker?

  • Yes, please. We rarely accept proposals from solo presenters. You do not need to identify your co-speakers prior to submitting your proposal. Our roundtable and breakout sessions are great opportunities for you to create and organize sessions with multiple speakers. Please consider including one or more educators in your session to help your audience understand your topic from the customer point of view.

May I share information about my company and our offerings?

  • No, however we do offer sponsorship packages that will enable you to have a table to share your company’s offerings with participants. 

Where can I submit a proposal?

You may complete and submit your proposal online by completing the form at the right.

When is the submission deadline?

  • The deadline for receipt of proposals is midnight EST on September 20, 2019. If you submit your proposal after this deadline it will not be considered.

Are there any restrictions in submitting a proposal?

Restrictions include the following:

  • Selling or promoting products is not allowed in presentations. You may describe how products and services are used to help address a business challenge but your presentation cannot otherwise include product or company information. If you wish to promote or sell a product at EIS, please contact Jill Abbott for sponsorship options.
  • Please observe copyright and trademark rules. If you plan to use copyrighted or trademarked resources or songs, you must obtain appropriate permissions prior to submitting your proposal.
  • Each presenter may present 1 session on the program, although multiple proposals may be submitted

What should I consider when writing my title and description?

  • Most attendees decide whether to attend a presentation by looking at the title and description in the program book. A description that is engaging and tells briefly and specifically what you plan to do during your presentation is most helpful to the program committee and the conference attendees. Consider the following:
    1. The proposal addresses a priority topic for the industry.
    2. The proposal makes clear what attendees will learn from the session.
    3. The proposal plans for attendees’ active participation in the session, if appropriate.
    4. Everything else being equal, preference is given to proposals submitted by SIIA members and those that contribute to our efforts to bring ethnic, gender and age diversity to the program.

What information is included in the program book?

  • The online program listing includes the title, description and speaker names. Photos and bios are included in a separate speaker list.
    SIIA and the EBF Steering Committee reserve the right to edit presentation titles and descriptions as necessary.

Other questions?

  • Feel free to email Jill Abbott with any other questions.