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Innovation Incubator

SIIA Innovation IncubatorSIIA is pleased to support innovation in the ed tech industry through our Innovation Incubator Program, which raises the profile of innovative ed tech products and services.

Selected participants receive one-on-one access to captains of industry for mentorship, expert advice, and unique opportunities to connect with prospective partners to support growth. 

More information about each participant can be found at:

2011 Ed Tech Business Forum Innovation Incubator Participants

Alelo Virtual Language & Culture
Lewis Johnson, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Scientist, Alelo Inc.
Alelo Virtual Language and Culture courses take 21st century language learning to new levels. Students embark on linguistic and cultural journeys across the globe, learning and speaking in immersive environments with socially intelligent avatars. Courses are modular both in their instructional design and technological approach, making them scalable and transferrable to meet different learning and language needs across the online, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Connected Learning Gateway
Houssam Amer, Vice President, North American Operations, ITWorx
The ITWorx Connected Learning Gateway (CLG) is a dynamic, integrated, multilingual learning platform that incorporates a portfolio of teaching, learning, management and administration tools into a social networking environment. It provides K-12 schools with a learning space for enhancing curriculum through collaboration, personalization, interactive content and real-time assessment for the 21st Century classroom experience. CLG has been implemented in hundreds of schools.

Eli. One Writer, Many Reviewers, Better Writing
Jeff Grabill, Professor, Michigan State University and Co-Inventor, ELI
Andrew Henry,
CEO, Drawbridge, LLC
Eli is a web service that improves writing by helping teachers and students quickly conduct reviews, see and assess feedback, and learn from the revision process. It automates the work of collecting papers and compiling drafts and feedback, which are visible to teachers in one software interface, making it easier to conduct peer review in classrooms. It was invented by professors at Michigan State University, and is being commercialized by Drawbridge, LLC, a joint venture of the MSU Foundation and Red Cedar Solutions.

eSpark Learning
David Vinca, Founder & CEO, eSpark Inc.
eSpark is “Pandora for education” and creates custom playlists of super fun education apps on iPads for elementary school students. eSpark develops a custom learning plan for students based on our diagnostic or their current standardized test scores. Students login to the eSpark iPad app and dive into the best educational games, instructional videos, and audiobooks that have been selected just for them based on their individual learning needs.

Donald Carney, Ph.D., CEO, Fluidity Software, Inc.
FluidMath enables teachers and students to create, solve, graph and animate math and physics problems all in their own handwriting on digital-ink enabled devices like Tablet PCs and Interactive Whiteboards. For teachers, it is designed to assist in creating dynamic instructional materials for the classroom providing engaging learning experiences. For students, it is designed to help explore and understand concepts in mathematics and science.

Footsteps2Brilliance™ Early Learning Mobile Platform
Ilene Rosenthal, CEO and Founder, Footsteps2Brilliance
Footsteps2Brilliance™ is an early learning platform that accelerates student achievement by uniting the explosive adoption of mobile gaming technology and the latest in cognitive research. Its standards-based curriculum consisting of interactive e-Books and 200+ educational games teaches children from Pre-K through 3rd grade the 1,000 key words they need for school readiness. Its data management system tracks progress in real time to help teachers differentiate instruction.

GeoDome Immersive Learning Platform
David McConville, Co-Founder, The Elumenati
The GeoDome is a rapidly deployable, immersive visual learning environment. It provides a comfortable and experiential interface to virtual worlds, enabling participants to collectively and interactively explore a broad range of subjects across multiple scales of space and time. Numerous schools, universities, and science centers are currently using GeoDomes to create innovative programming using freely available data visualizations from NASA, NOAA, and other sources.

School Mobile Application Builder and Manager
Troy Pressens, President, Study By App, LLC
Study By App, LLC provides a web based mobile application builder that lets teachers and students build, self publish and collaborate on apps. Our template based system enables schools to take control and engage digital natives with interactive and dynamic curriculum specific content that is teacher and student made.

Douglas O'Brien, Director, Strategic Business, Education, TechSmith Corporation
ScreenChomp is a free iPAD application available on iTunes. This product helps people to share a great idea or explain a tricky concept. The application can be used to help kids with their homework, or to help a coach give real-time feedback.

The First 4,000 Words Vocabulary Building Program
Victoria Frank, President, Seward Incorporated
The First 4,000 Words is an individualized, web-based program used to teach the 4,000 most frequently used English words to English Language Learners and struggling readers in grades 1-4 to help them succeed in school and in life. Students are individually placed within the 355 unique, highly-interactive and engaging lessons where shared reading experiences, game-like scenarios, and speech recognition technology all contribute to a rich learning environment.

Video Mentor
John Ittelson, Professor Emeritus, CSU Monterey BayVideo Mentor couples ease of use, audio enhancement in the classroom and time-based video annotation into mobile technology, delivered on a secure platform. It is designed, to meet high stakes assessment needs and to support interactive learning using video capture annotation in teacher supervision and mentoring.

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