Innovation Showcase

The EdTech Innovation Showcase Reception provides selected EdTech start-ups an opportunity to demonstrate their new, innovative products, solutions and/or services directly to industry leaders, decision-makers, and funding sources. We think it is important to honor these organizations and the amazing contributions they provide to education and technology.

2019 Innovation Showcase Selections

BeCREO TechnologiesBeCREO Technologies - Scottie Go!
Scottie Go! uses a unique combination of an interactive mobile app and physical cardboard tiles, which emphasise the kinesthetic and collaborative aspects of learning. This game allows a gradual and intuitive advancement through abstract programming concepts and gamification techniques.

Better Kids - Wisdom - Kingdom of Anger
Wisdom - Kingdom of Anger is an evidence-based game that empowers pre-K to 2nd grade students with Social Emotional Learning. 

Students learn to: 

  • identify emotions through facial expressions, body language, voice intonations, physiological reactions and trigger events
  • label emotions thanks to enriched vocabulary
  • communicate how they feel and resolve conflicts efficiently
  • healthily manage emotions with effective coping tools

 Flexible lesson plans for whole class, small groups or individual.

Cignition, Inc. - FogStone Isle
In FogStone Isle, students design their own island through engaging and challenging games, with math intrinsic to each activity. Students are active learners, solving complex math problems, constantly adapted to their individual learning level, in a fun and engaging virtual world learning environment. 

Cignition is currently piloting online expert math tutoring utilizing FogStone analytics and learning environment, furthering our impact on student engagement and outcome improvement.

ClasscraftClasscraft - Classcraft
Working in teams, students create an avatar, which acts as a virtual extension of their progress in school. They can earn game points by exhibiting positive behavior, like helping one another or completing assignments, or excelling academically. Features in the app gamify classroom management, formative assessment, live in-class instruction (volume meter, student selectors), and a personalized learning tool that allows teachers to take their existing lessons and turn them into epic quests.

ConexED - Cranium Cafe, Classrooms, Campus Calibrate
Cranium Cafe is a FERPA compliant and WCAG 2.0 conforming online face-to-face meeting platform designed exclusively for providing academic advising and other student services. Campus Calibrate is a scheduling, case management, and analytics platform that empowers students to find the resources they need, and faculty to better serve them.

CurriculaWorksCurriculaWorks - Phonics Assessment
Our free Phonics Skills Assessment is available in two editions. The Quick Assessment is a streamlined assessment with a sampling of foundational phonics skills including short vowels, compound words, silent consonants and more. The Diagnostic Assessment is comprehensive and covers a much larger set of phonics skills. Both editions provide information on skills where the student can benefit from further practice, saving valuable time for parents and teachers.

EvidentallyEvidentally, Inc. - Evidentally
In development is a web application that turns data into evidence and displays interactive reports for the end user. Currently, we first collect from the edtech company data from a product's full year of use for the whole country, including multiple metrics on student and/or teacher-level usage. These data are matched to our database of US schools indicating the states and districts where there is sufficient usage and non-usage (for matching) to make feasible an ESSA tier 2 impact analysis.

InnovateEDU InnovateEDU - Cortex LMS
Cortex is a next-gen student information and learning management system. Cortex's personalized learning progressions allow students to own their data and drive their learning. With a focus on skill mastery, teachers can track mastery against the Common Core and other learning standards as well as populate playlists with content from other schools and recognized edtech vendors like Khan Academy and Open Ed. Cortex powers innovative learning models by putting data in the hands of teachers and administrators.

Numbers Alive!NumbersAlive! Foundation - The Numbers Show Starring Zero and The Digits
The Numbers Show Starring Zero and the Digits leverages global distribution of the internet using friendly international plush number characters as puppets on screen or within associated physical materials or apps. Like family animation, the dialogue and associated learning materials are suitable for pre-k adult as the numbers discover their value throughout the world. Our pilot series of 7 episodes was completed with Pi as the special guest. Each episode of the next series, Global Travelling Numbers Show, will be a collaboration with a school from concept to final editing.

RoundEd Learning Inc. - ProblemScape
ProblemScape is an adaptive adventure game for 6th-grade algebra aligned with the Common Core Standards. It is set in a 3D virtual world and has characters and a storyline that engages students and spotlights applications. The in-game support system is multimodal (a combination of modeling, videos, animations, and worked example), deep (when a student hasn't mastered foundational concepts, they're able to from within the game), and adaptive (both problems and feedback are targeted to students).

Sona Software LLC - American Voices
American Voices is a curated selection of licensed, professionally produced audio journalism with pre-listening activities, glossaries, transcripts, quizzes, discussion questions, pronunciation exercises, and links for further exploration. The project is an ideal source for intermediate and advanced students to explore a variety of authentic styles, voices, and topics, and will save time and effort for teachers who want to bring authentic listening materials to their students.

Square PandaSquare Panda Inc. - Square Panda Classroom Edition
Square Panda has proven results in grades PreK-3, providing personalized reading instruction with adaptive multisensory learning, inclusive of sequential skill development and real-time assessment. Its playset is paired with tablet technology that engages early readers through sound, animation, and tactile smart letters. Its growing library of research-based learning games has shown promising results on the PALS and NWEA pre and post-assessments in PreK and K populations. Its curriculum also offers support for core ELA Kindergarten and 1st grade standards.

TranseoTranseo - Transeo
Students gain skills to succeed and create powerful connections when they participate in community service. But too often, students and staff get bogged down by tracking and verifying these experiences with paper and pencil.

Our team of educators and programmers created Transeo to solve this problem.

Transeo, a cloud-based platform, helps students track this information and creates customizable reports for scholarships, college applications and employers. We also provide school leaders with insights to show how their students’ volunteering impacts their communities. By helping schools move away from time-consuming, paper-based processes, Transeo shows community service’s powerful results and celebrating students’ impact on the world around them.