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Innovation Incubator Program

SIIA Innovation IncubatorSIIA is pleased to support innovation in the education technology industry through our Innovation Incubator Program. This initiative raises the profile of the most innovative ed tech products and services, while providing innovators with one-on-one access to captains of industry for mentorship, expert advice, and unique opportunities to connect with prospective partners to support growth. 

SIIA’s Innovation Incubator Program locates and provides visibility to developers of the industry’s most innovative education technology products or services. Ten finalists and one alternate have been chosen to participate in SIIA’s 2011 Ed Tech Industry Summit. The program is partially funded by Lead Innovation Incubator Sponsor, Blackboard Partnerships, as well as Co-Sponsors EduTone Corporation, Intel Corporation, and Texthelp Systems.

2011 Ed Tech Industry Summit Innovation Incubator Finalists

Phyllis Kaplan, Director of Global Sales, Sixredmarbles
This online research-based program helps kids apply math concepts for business success while developing financial literacy through engaging role-play as a celebrity agent. It supports personalized learning with an adaptive curriculum, instructional coaching, Spanish toggle, and integrated teacher dashboard for tracking progress against national, common core, and state standards.

Karan Goel, CEO and Co-Founder, PrepMe
This adaptive learning platform enables publishers and education institutions to transform print and digital learning assets into fully personalized online courses. It maximizes the value of print and digital curricula while providing learners with a personalized, intuitive, and engaging learning experience.

Dynamic Whiteboard
Leo Shmuylovich, Vice President & Co-Founder, Virtual Nerd
This patent-pending multimedia instructional platform supports differentiated and personalized learning experiences. Its multi-layered digital environment allows teachers to deliver instruction based on their students’ skill level, helps students acquire new skills at their own pace, and provides actionable testing and reporting capabilities.

Gadi Benmark, Founder, GiftedSpeech
GiftedSpeech’s patent-pending software teaches children a life skill in multi-language foundation. It prepares children to speak any language they will need with an authentic accent.

Stan Woodward, CTO, GoKnow
This software-based Mobile Learning Platform leverages existing curriculum, third-party content and apps, mobile devices, wireless networks, and cloud infrastructure to put a portable, digital workspace in the hands of every student. Its platform is built to scale rapidly, increases engagement and test scores, and allows schools and teachers to deploy and manage 1:1, 24/7 mobile learning for all students.  

McGraw-Hill Spark!
Cheryl De La Vega, Urban Centers District Manager, McGraw-Hill Education
This suite of online courses presents rich-media content in an online network that encourages students to collaborate and explore. It incorporates research-based content along with skill-based games, a self-contained social network, customizable lesson planning, a learning management system, and on-demand professional development. 

myON reader
Gail Lewis, Senior Product Manager, Capstone Digital
This personalized literacy environment matches students (based on interests and reading level) to over 1100 online digital books with reading scaffolds like recorded audio and highlighting. Student reading ability is measured through a placement exam and ongoing benchmarks, which forecast future reading skills development.

Neurocognitive Training for Reading Comprehension
Rod Greder, Ph.D. NPDP, President, Awear Technologies, LLC
This wearable neurocognitive training technology is designed to build up cognitive skills that undergird learning, such as attention, working memory, and reflective processing. It is targeted to improve executive function and reading comprehension and to augment gains from other learning products.

Snehal Patel, Founder & CEO, Sokikom
Sokikom motivates elementary students using a math social learning game. Its research-tested approach connects multiplayer online game play with NCTM focal points and Common Core State Standards.

Andrew Howard, President, Brain Hurricane / Wowzers
This massively multiplayer educational virtual world supplements and replaces textbooks with adaptive and engaging content for 3rd - 5th grade math. Students engage in personalized learning aligned to state and national standards and built around powerful, data-driven analytics.

2011 Ed Tech Industry Summit Innovation Incubator Alternate:

Pay-Per-Result at LearnThatWord
Rosie Warda, Executive Director, eSpindle Learning
Pay-Per-Result allows users to pay only for measured learning results in an otherwise free program. Complementing a program that is driven by personalization, Pay-Per-Result provides the user and sponsoring institutions with the assurance of 100% ROI.

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