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The Ed Market 101

You’ve built a product and it works.  Now, how do you get customers to use your products and get a return on your investment? These sessions are designed for Ed Start Ups who want to work through the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of getting into the Education market.  It’s a  look at who your customers really are, how you reach them, and what it takes to ‘sell’ to them.

Tuesday, May 7

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Welcome and Continental Breakfast

Get to know your potential colleagues and partners during this time set aside for introductions... and food!


Sharon Makowka, Associate Publisher, Education Week and Digital Directions

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

How Do You Know if Your Product is Ready for the School Market?

What are your customers’ expectations around pilot programs, Common Core alignments, personalized learning, and content interoperability?  What questions will they ask?  What do faculty and administrators expect when they acquire new education products and services?


Richard Casabonne, Education Advisor, Whitestone Communications

Frank Catalano, Principal, Intrinsic Strategy

Sue Collins, Principal, CollinsConsults

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Who Are Your Customers? What Does Your Customer Base Really Look Like?

A 6 or 16 year old student may be your end user but probably isn't the actual purchaser for an educational product.  Who is it that you really sell to? How do you know if they can adopt your product, given the platform and buying cycle of education institutions? Finally, how can you find...then build...a relationship with your customer? 


Margie Fox, Principal, NextGenEd Consulting

Adam Hall, President & CEO, Impact Education

Sharon Makowka, Associate Publisher, Education Week and Digital Directions

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Strategies to Reach Your Customers Part I

How do you reach the education institution customer?  Catalogs, direct sales force.?  Or... can you reach and sell to your customers with just an online presence and social media?  What are the key sales and marketing strategies that help build a successful company?


Charlene Blohm, President, C. Blohm & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Toni Morgan, Executive Vice President, TechERA (Technology for Education Reform and Accountability)

Mr. Joseph Riddle, Publisher, SmartBrief Education

Linda Winter, President/Owner, Winter Group

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Networking Break with Attendees of the Ed Tech Industry Summit

Use this time to get to know the attendees of the Ed Market 101 event, as well as the Ed Tech Industry Summit.  We've scheduled this networking break so both sets of attendees can leverage their networking time at the conferences.

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Strategies to Reach Your Customers Part 2

How do you work with the press to gain visibility?  What conferences should you go to and why?  How can you best leverage your time at events for the best ROI? How can you find and build effective channel/distribution partnerships?  Find out what works - and doesn't... in reaching your customers.


Sue Hanson, Principal, PR with Panache!

Kathy Hurley, Executive Vice President, Education Alliances, Pearson Foundation

Daniel Kinnaman, President & Publisher, District Administration Magazine

Ms. Jodie Pozo-Olano, Head, Public Relations, Promethean Inc. (USA)

11:45 AM - 12:20 PM

Tips On Getting the Investment Dollars

Hear from Investors in the education space who will share their guidelines for determining IF they’ll invest in a company. Then from companies who got investment dollars – and how they did it! 


Richard Casabonne, Education Advisor, Whitestone Communications

Kevin Custer, Founding Principal , Arc Capital Development

Anil Hemrajani, CEO & Founder, Big Universe Learning, Inc.

12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Lunch and Award Presentations

Network with colleagues and meet the 2013 recipients of these prestigious awards:Educator's Choice, Most Innovative, Most Likely to Succeed, Ed Tech Impact Award, and Education Lifetime Achievement Award

1:45 PM - 2:40 PM

Ins and Outs of Building Your Pricing Structure

Explore the various pricing models to build a successful business.  What products, programs, and apps should be distributed for free, offered at freemium, or sold as monthly/yearly subscriptions? Can you build a market share by giving your app away - then start to charge for it later? When do these various pricing models best work for you... and your competitors?


Michael Campbell, Director, Marketing, Follett Corporation - Technology Solutions & Inter

Mrs. Brandi Heinz Brown, Social Media and E-commerce Manager, ETA Hand2Mind

Pat Walkington, President, Pat Walkington Education Sales & Marketing

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

One-to-One Business Connections Meetings

One-to-One Business Connections Program arranges brief and productive discussions between ed tech company senior executives seeking revenue, distribution, and strategic partnership opportunities.  Meetings are scheduled in advance to assure maximum interest and value for all participants.

After registering for Ed Market 101, you will be sent information about applying to be a presenting company during these meetings.

Sponsored by Educational Systemics.

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Presidents Panel

Join this Q&A time with execs who are building products and services that customers will want 'next'.  How are they adapting their businesses given the shift to the Cloud, OER, mobile and global.  What do they see as the new opportunities in the ed tech market from their perspective and how are they leveraging them? Finally, how do they see the major education trends of online courses, eLearning, Common Core State Standards, online assessments, and social learning affecting their businesses over the next three years?


Mark Freidberg, VP and GM - College Prep Programs, Kaplan Test Prep

Jeff Livingston, Senior Vice President, McGraw-Hill Education

Dan White, CEO, Filament Games


Karen Billings, Vice President, Education Division, SIIA

4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Networking Reception

Meet even more potential colleagues and partners from the Ed Tech Industry Summit - co-located with the Ed Market 101 event.  These are the successful companies you should know - given the market share and leadership position they've developed in the K-12 and postsecondary markets. Get to know them over a drink - so you can build a partnership - or better understand why they may be your competitor.



Pearson Foundation

Whitestone Communications