Are you leading change? Put another way, are you a change agent or are you just trying to keep up? Change is increasingly imposed on businesses externally, and the speed of iterative technological change is leaving many CEOs in the dust.  Whether you like it or not, only change endures, and as an industry we are often looking at the future in the rear view mirror when it’s too late to change.

Bad news?  We see it as a world of opportunity! 

Come to the 2017 Connectiv Executive Summit for an immersion in the macro trends that are defining the B2B information industry; the solutions that peers are innovating to keep their businesses relevant and sustainable; and meaningful connections that propel collaborations and partnerships.

We will introduce a new, more interactive approach this year with keynotes, case studies and group discussions peppered with quick-take presentations on innovative solutions to universal business problems and industry insights presented by sponsor experts. Sessions will be designed in 20-minute segments to keep the meeting fast-paced and interesting.