Professional certification from FISD will establish your credentials in the increasingly complex and competitive financial information industry. The Financial Information Associate (FIA) certification is the first formal accreditation for market and reference data practitioners and will only be awarded to those who pass this formal examination.


Exam fees increasing August 1, 2016. Fees for the Financial Information Associate exam will increase on August 1, 2016. Book now to enjoy the prices set back in 2010 when the program was launched: $450 USD or $300 USD if combined with a recognized training course. Starting August 1, 2016, exam fees will rise to $575 USD or $425 USD if combined with a recognized training course. Act fast as there will be no extensions.

"Original Syllabus" retakes end June 30, 2016. For those who unsuccessfully attempted the "original syllabus" version of the exam, retakes are available until June 30, 2016. The "original syllabus" is no longer available for first attempts and will be retired completely after June 30, 2016. 

For Candidates

  • Be guided – by a clearly-structured and well-articulated syllabus designed by industry experts with a practical vision of what is needed in today’s workplace.
  • Be recognized – for expanding your knowledge of a broad range of highly relevant issues facing the market and reference data workforce.
  • Be rewarded – for your hard work, your intellectual rigor, and for differentiating yourself in the workplace.

For Employers

  • Recruit more effectively – identify the best staff by using additional meaningful and trustworthy information on which to base your decisions.
  • Improve productivity – enhance your staff’s career development as they acquire new skills and expand their understanding of the complex operating environment of the financial information industry. You gain a more capable, effective and productive workforce.

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