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FISD FIA is the certification that...

Helped me broaden my knowledge

Expanded my knowledge of the market data business

Got me the job

Got me the promotion

Helped me build my resume

Set me apart

Gave me the confidence to succeed

Showed my client I knew what I was talking about

Sets the standard

What's on the Exam?

FISD developed the Financial Information Associate (FIA) curriculum in consultation with senior and experienced practitioners to ensure that the exam covers the most crucial industry knowledge surrounding markets, data, technology, and issues & trends.


Train for the Exam

Candidates may require education on some or all of the material covered by the syllabus. FISD has invited a number of trusted training organizations to create study materials and courses.


Take the Exam

FISD Professional Certification exams are available at hundreds of testing centers around the world, through Kryterion's Webassessor™ services. You can take your test at a Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) location.


Who's Been Certified?

Over 1,000 people have taken the FISD Financial Information Associate professional certification exam - and achieved a pass mark of 75% or more.