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SIIA Information Industry Summit, January 30-31, 2007, Cipriani, New York City

Traditional Content v. User-Generated Content

User-generated media is gaining in popularity for business information and is threatening to eclipse traditional business media and subscription databases as key sources. But user content is far from perfect - and far from dislodging many publishers continue to wrestle with how to position the virtues of user-generated media against the strengths of traditional outlets. When are the qualities of business content from users clearly outweighing mainstream sources and how should publishers position themselves against user-generated sources? When does it pay to outdo user content with more investments in traditional editorial sources and when does it make sense to invite users to the table? This panel will look at:

Key issues:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of user-generated media in business information
  • How users can help to build content quality - or hinder it
  • When does it pay to develop your own user-generated media
  • How can business partnerships create effective channels for user-generated media in traditional outlets - and vice versa?
  • When does it pay to ask for money for user-generated media and when does it pay to keep the conversation going for free or via ad support?


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