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    Public Policy

    SIIA aggressively promotes and protects the interests of its member companies in legal and public policy debates by working with state, federal and international policymakers and participating in landmark legal decisions. SIIA supports the development of a robust global electronic marketplace that is diverse and highly competitive. To that end, SIIA is the leading voice of the software & digital content industries across a wide-range of issues, including intellectual property protection, privacy and data security, e-government and information policy, taxation of electronic commerce, security, education technology and workforce development.

    SIIA Digital Discourse» Policy

    UNICEF social networking project, partnered with IBM analytics to give voice to Ugandan youth
    U-report, an SMS-based communications technology, is a text messaging system that provides an avenue for Ugandan youth to be active participants in
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    Intellectual Property Roundup
    IP News Supreme Court Justices Appear Conflicted Over Aereo Copyright Case (Los Angeles Times) Confronting a case that could reshape the television broadcast
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    Ohlhausen on Big Data and Consumer Harm
    At today’s conference on Privacy Principles in the Era of Massive Data, co-sponsored by the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy
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    Piketty’s Historical Perspective on Economic Inequality
    The debate over income inequality and job loses in the U.S. too often devolves to overly simplistic and narrow arguments. Thankfully, deeper
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    Big Data Improves Education Around the World
    A recent article by the head of the International Finance Corporation, an affiliate of the World Bank Group, urged the responsible use
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