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Real-time Technology Roundtable

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Focussing on infrastructure, communications and applications technology - underpinning real time market data. Significant FISD discussion already focuses on content and the general commercial factors surrounding it - these will continue within the main FISD agenda. This program constructs a parallel and complementary set of meetings centered on Technology. Some parts of the program will deliberately move onto quite complex technical topics while other elements will be far more accessible to the technical layman.

The audience consists of pure technologists and also those with less of a technology background but who are eager to better understand the role of technology. Our audience comes from the same four constituencies that exist within FISD: ‘Consumer Firms', ‘Exchanges', ‘Data Vendors' and ‘Technology and Service Providers' - hardware and software providers, consultancies etc. This includes CIOs, COOs, IT Managers, Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers and many more.

We will run a series of events and activities each year. In a typical year we will aim to run 3 to 4 meetings, similar in length to an FISD Issue Brief (i.e. 90 minutes of panel discussion and/or presentations followed by 90+ minutes of industry networking).  The program for 2013 is currently:

- Feb 13th LONDON - FISD Europe including RTTRT
- April 17th NEW YORK - FISD RTTRT
- June 20th NEW YORK - FISD General Meeting including RTTRT
- September (date TBC) NEW YORK - FISD RTTRT

In a non WFIC year we would aim to run two such events in London and two in NYC. In a year where the biannual WFIC is running we would run only one meeting on that continent where WFIC is being held as we would endeavour to include some Real-time Technology content within a WFIC event program.

We are also exploring the idea of running working groups in addition to these events/meetings and we are also considering operating some smaller and more narrowly focussed meetings if demand for such smaller scale events exists and if the program's economic model can sustain them. We welcome any and all suggestions of what other activities FISD could include under the umbrella of this new Real-time Technology Roundtable



Annual program sponsorship opportunities exist providing excellent visibility to  our well qualified audiences - thank you to Bloomberg and NYSE Technolgies who sponsor our prgram in 2013.  If you are interested in sponsoring the FISD Real-time Technology Roundtable please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Director, Member Relations, FISD, +1 202 789 4452.


Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +44 (0)20 7989 0112, FISD program director for the Real-time Technology Roundtable, with any ideas, questions and/or suggestions.