Entry Checklist

Before completing the entry process, please look over this checklist to make sure you haven't omitted anything.

  • Did you submit your entry online?
  • Was your entry published in an Connectiv member publication from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019?
  • Have you properly listed everyone who contributed to the entry, if required?.
  • Have you checked the revenue class of the brand based on combined print and online revenues?
  • Have you checked the correct entry category?
  • Does the entry fulfill the criteria of the category?
  • Have you given a clear description of your audience?
  • Have you given a complete background statement?
  • Have you uploaded a high-resolution graphic image to support your entry?
  • Have you uploaded your Web-ready PDF?
  • Have the editor-in-chief and publisher authorized the entry in the appropriate check boxes?
  • Have you provided all contact information?
  • Will the URLs for your online entries be active through June 1, 2020? Have you included the login/password information?
  • Have you paid for your entry via credit card?