General Instructions


The 2019 Neal Awards are for works published/posted from Jaunary 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

Submission Instructions

Unless otherwise specified, all categories are platform-neutral and may include any combination of print and/or digital media.
  • For digital entries, make certain URLs are active. Also include a high-resolution screenshot (300 DPI or greater) of your entry. If your website contains gated content, include access instructions.
  • All individual print articles must be uploaded as a Web-ready PDF. The date(s) of publication should be apparent.

Staff Acknowledgement

List the names and titles of the editors responsible for the material submitted. Please note that the list of names cannot be changed after the submission of the entry. If appropriate, you may acknowledge the full staff by indicating "Editorial Staff."

No more than eight individuals may be listed. Production staff and designers (art directors, photographers, videographers, web producers etc.) may be included; publishers who do not carry editorial titles are ineligible. A single entry may not acknowledge both “Editorial Staff” and named individuals.

Timelines and Cost

Nominations Open - October 15, 2017
Early Bird Deadline ($195) - Nominate by November 16, 2018
Regular Deadline ($225) - Nominate by December 7, 2018
Extended Deadline ($250) - Nominate by December 14, 2018*

*We will accept work published from December 14-30, 2018.