Keynote Speaker

Feyzi Fatehi

Chief Executive Officer, Corent Technology, Inc.

Feyzi Fatehi is a technology visionary, inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. As a Silicon Valley veteran, he is a pioneer in the SaaS and Cloud industry and serves as the CEO of Corent Technology – the emerging disruptor in the Cloud Migration and SaaS-enablement space.


Michael Bissonette

Chief Product Officer (Founder), RTConfidence, Inc.

Jennifer Carl

Director, Software & Services Division , SIIA

An accomplished professional with extensive experience working with all organizational levels, creating, promoting, and delivering innovative solutions designed to support the growth and success of technology companies of all sizes and across many verticals. Jennifer is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment that supports learning.

Karl Nguyen

President, FaceCure

Andy Plank

CEO, Thumba, Inc.

CEO of Thumba, Inc., Andy Plank, on the forefront of literacy tech, has built and led teams to develop, globally protect and monetize the most advanced manual text entry technology of our day. His inventive sparks allowed Thumba to pioneere unique ways to startup human resourcing, IP protection and marketing in edtech. With over 14 years on the overlaps of literacy and technology, Andy's contribution has been wide-ranging even before Thumba and centered around the grand vision of a single-device future. Parallel to Aaron Swartz working on the Open Access movement, Andy has volunteered for the renowned hacktivist group diybookscanner.org aimed at making book scanners available to the public. His participation focused on product development, legal issues and business modelling in the higher education space in Europe with the aim at opening our collective written heritage accessible.

Vikram Srinivasan

Senior Director, Product Management , LLamasoft

Vikram Srinivasan is a product strategy leader for demand forecasting and machine learning solutions at LLamasoft. In his role as Senior Director of Product Management, Vikram is responsible for growing and managing customer expansion and ensuring broad adoption of LLamasoft solutions in the marketplace. With a background in operations research, Vikram is passionate about helping companies identify key opportunities to maximize their profitability and accuracy in supply chain decision-making.

Neil Wainwright

CEO, UpHabit

Neil has 30+ years of technical engineering experience (Nortel Networks, Lotus Development, IBM, Nexonia) and has been building and managing businesses for 25+ years. He has bootstrapped his way through multiple businesses and have raised significant private equity/VC investments. Co-founded and led the team at Nexonia for 14+ years. Focused on expense reporting, timesheets, time off, PO, AP and time allocation. Defined the original products and designed most features well into the life of the company. Directly led sales, marketing, human resources, finance, customer success and was the de-facto product manager for almost the entire time. Was always an engineer at heart. Drove the strategic need to be mobile very early on (on the first day of the Apple App Store in 2008) and on building world-leading integrations with ERP and travel platforms. Focused on high-growth revenue, raised VC financing in 2015 and led the acquisition of another great company in 2016. Had a never-ending passion for customers and product excellence.


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