• SIIA Tech Summit: Artificial Intellegence - April 28, 2020 - Washington, DC
Just as Dorothy and her companions went in search of the Wizard of Oz for a quick fix to their problems, so too are businesses today looking to Artificial Intelligence to provide innovative solutions to their greatest challenges. But is AI and machine learning really all it’s made out to be? And what impact will regulation have on the development and application of this technology? Come with SIIA down the yellow brick road as we consider the real opportunities and challenges of AI, and discuss how to prepare your business for life in the Emerald City!

Participants can expect actionable takeaways regarding:

  • revenue generation;
  • AI skills dissemination;
  • classroom AI practices;
  • bias mitigation strategies;
  • explainability approaches;
  • publisher content creation;
  • privacy/cyber risk management;
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • “alternative data” in the financial sector;
  • implications of U.S.-China “decoupling.”