What is Vision K-20?

Vision K-20 is the belief that to better prepare our nation's students, every K-20 educational institution should effectively utilize modern technologies to:

  • Personalize learning to increase student engagement and achievement
  • Document and track student performance
  • Maximize teaching and administrative effectiveness
  • Provide equity and access to new learning opportunities
  • Empower collaborative learning communities
  • Build student proficiencies in 21st century skills

SIIA's Vision K-20 includes 7 Educational Goals and 5 Technology Measures.
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How you can use the
Vision K-20 Survey

Educators in the classroom, district, or campus can use the Vision K-20 Survey to benchmark their current implementation. The Survey consists of 20 statements related to the Vision K-20 goals. Individual Survey results provide the survey responder with a yearly snapshot of their use of educational technology. Yearly progress can be tracked by completing the survey every year.

Educators can also indicate their ideal implementation relative to their current implementation. The "ideal implementation" responses, when compiled, create a common vision for how technology is best used to improve learning and teaching.