SIIA || Vision K-20

What is Vision K-20?

Vision K-20 is the belief that to better prepare our nation's students, every K-20 educational institution should effectively utilize modern technologies to:

  • Personalize learning to increase student engagement and achievement
  • Document and track student performance
  • Maximize teaching and administrative effectiveness
  • Provide equity and access to new learning opportunities
  • Empower collaborative learning communities
  • Build student proficiencies in 21st century skills

SIIA's Vision K-20 includes 7 Educational Goals and 5 Technology Measures.
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2016 Vision K-20
Professional Learning Survey

ETIN-SIIA’s 2016 Vision K-20 Professional Learning survey asks K-20 education leaders around the globe to provide information about their online professional learning practices and experience.

While past Vision K-20 Surveys gave educators from K-12 and higher educational institutions the opportunity to evaluate their levels of technology integration across a number of educational technology applications, the 2016 survey is focused entirely on online professional learning.

The results from this survey will help us and our partners better understand how K-20 educators are using online professional learning opportunities and what they hope to gain from them.