Data Strategy & Monetization Council

The Data Strategy & Monetization Council’s mission is to provide a discussion forum for Connectiv members with established or developing data businesses. Data businesses have unique needs and attributes, prompting the need for a dedicated focus within Connectiv to discuss their issues and challenges.

Meeting Archive

April 2, 2020: Selling Data Is Different - A Crash Course In Getting Your Team Up To Speed Replay 

There are two networks currently meeting:

  1. The Product Development network addresses topics such as identifying new data sources, experiences with new data gathering and maintenance tools, data updating strategies, and inbound data licensing. Each network is limited to 10-12 executives from non-competing organizations.
  2. The Marketing and Sales network addresses topics such as licensing strategies, new marketing techniques, marketing channel effectiveness, and customer retention.

Each network is limited to 10-12 participants from non-competing organizations. They meet quarterly via video conference (and in-person in connection with Connectiv conferences).  As these are peer discussions designed to facilitate shared learning, participants take an active role by contributing energetically and openly.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How does your organization develop data product ideas and what characteristics do you look for in a new product opportunity?
  • How are new ideas presented and evaluated and what are the key challenges here? What does your internal organization look like?
  • What are the challenges around implementing new data products once they concept is approved?
  • Does acquisition play a role in new product development and what are the pros and cons of buying vs building?
  • How do your organizations work with third-parties/vendors?


Product Development Network Members

  • Jeff Adee, President B2B Media Group, Infogroup
  • Meighan Berberich, President of TDWI, 1105 Media, Inc.
  • Bethany Chambers, Director of Audience Engagement, North Coast Media
  • Charlie Craine, CTO and Corporate Director of Data Products, Meister Media Worldwide
  • Christine Mitchell, General Manager of Digital, Government Executive Media Group
  • Rosheen O'Donovan, Vice President of Audience, American City Business Journals
  • Bruce Plantz, Head of Data Initiatives, WATT Global Media
  • Frank Salatto, Director of Audience Marketing, Government Executive Media Group
  • Michelle Vargo, VP of Emerging Products, American City Business Journals
  • AnnMarie Wills, Principal, Leverage Lab
  • Alanna Young, Chief Operating Officer, Winsight


Marketing/Sales Peer Network

Topics to be discussed:

  • What marketing strategies have worked for your data products?
  • What is the role of demonstrations in your sales process?
  • How are your data sales teams organized and how are data products sold alongside other non-data (e.g. media) products?


Marketing & Sales Network Members

  • Jeff Adee, President of B2B Media Group, Infogroup
  • Meighan Berberich, President of TDWI, 1105 Media, Inc.
  • Jonathan Ellis, Senior Director of Business Development, American City Business Journals
  • Andrew Esham, VP and Managing Director, EPG Media & Specialty Information
  • Gary Fitzgerald, Chairman and CEO, Meister Media Worldwide
  • Steve Galperin, VP of Finance and Operations, North Coast Media
  • Joanne Juda-Prainito, Senior VP of Market Development, EPG Media & Specialty Information
  • Bruce Plantz, Head of Data Initiatives, WATT Global Media