Digital Media & Technology Council

The Digital Media & Technology Council's mission is to help member companies continue the transformation of their organizations by:

  • Discussing digital issues, including metrics, monetization, emerging platforms, and new technologies to drive audience engagement
  • Conducting research relevant to digital media, including metrics
  • Exploring the transformation of traditional business models, organizations, and more as they are driven by the digital migration


Roberta Muller
Roberta Muller, Chair
Senior Vice President, Product Development, Northstar Travel Group
Natalie Williams, Vice Chair
Chief Operating Officer, Brief Media

Digital Media & Technology Council Members

Featured Resources / Projects

Each Digital Media & Technology Council meeting offers an in-depth look at a trending topic by a media company member and, as appropriate, technology members. Trending topics have included Native Advertising, Content Aggregation, Viewability Metrics, Content Licensing and Syndication Tools.

Members are asked regularly to suggest topics that address their pain points and spotlight new initiatives.  We welcome your input and involvement.

Upcoming Meetings

The Council meets 4x-6x per year, typically 11AM-12:30PM ET. An Outlook Invite is sent to council members two weeks or more in advance of the meeting.

Representative Meetings

Sept. 26, 2019: How ALM Put Its First Party Data To Work With 'Audience First'
ALM’s President of Marketing Services Matt Weiner and Vice President of Data and Product Joann Kropp discus how they developed Audience First, an advertising platform that targets decision makers through first party behavioral and self-reported demographic
data. This is what all of B2B media aspires to and gives ALM not only a differentiator in its own markets but against social platforms that are gobbling up so many audience targeting campaigns. The meeting will be virtual and and login and dial-in will be provided.

April 11, 2019: Best Performing Ad Formats in the Days of Google Ad Blockers
Last year, Google and the Coalition for Better Ads created the "Better Ads Standards" which were tasked with identifying and blocking ad types deemed to be "the most annoying." While this was intended to improve user performance, it also targeted ad formats that were popular with B2B advertisers and typically drove high CPMs for publishers. Join us for a look at how the B2B media industry has responded as publishers and industry thought leaders share the new types of ads that are driving engagement (and revenue). Video|Deck

Feb. 6, 2019: Building a Better Customer Experience
Good user experience (clean presentations, quick load times) is table stakes. But thereal power of UX is the ability to tap into customer behavior and solve the right problem. Join us as UX experts Brian Winters and Jason Ulaszek, UX leaders of the Squarestack Circle and design agency Inzovu, share how to leverage customer experience into increased revenue, with an overview of UX trends you can’t afford to ignore in 2019, from leading edge websites to creating experiences in mobile and social and how to drive user-centered design thinking in your organization.

Nov. 8, 2018: "Creating a Better Digital Ops Structure"
More responsibilities are falling to the digital operations team than ever before, from tech infrastructure to fulfilling marketing services to tsunami-like waves of email and data. Join us for a detailed look at new ways digital ops teams are being structured to work more efficiently within the broader organization as well as tools that your peers are using.

Sept. 12, 2018: "How Hart Energy Mapped The Complete Customer Journey"
Understanding the customer journey is the grail for many publishers — for Hart Energy, it’s now a reality. Hear how Hart was able to revamp its portfolio to lead to better customer insights by consolidating its websites to create a more scalable solution and apply data integration and predictive analytics to generate a clear picture of customer priorities—and revenue opportunities for Hart.

June 21, 2018: "GDPR is Here--Now What?"
The Global Data Protection Regulation went live on may 25 and now that it's here, many of us find ourselves scrambling harder than ever before to make sure that our companies are in compliance. Six different publishers share the specific steps they've taken to be GDPR-ready, what they've learned about GDPR to this point, and how their preparations can position their organizations for additional data privacy regulation in the future. 

April 13, 2018: How to get the Most Out of Your CDP
Chances are you’re working with your own customer data platform or (you’re about to start). But is your organization still struggling to make it work company-wide? Join us as Natalie Williams, chief operating officer at Brief Media, shares what her team has learned about CDP implementation as well as the quick wins that Brief Media has seen from employing a CDP.

January 18, 2018: Crafting Killer Content That Gets Shared; Six Ways To Comply With Google's New Ad Standards
In February, Google and the Coalition for Better Ads introduced new ad standards designed to improve user experience. The bad news is that while physically complying with the new ad guidelines isn’t a problem, some of the flagged ads (pop-ups, pre-stitials, count downs) are among the best performers for B2B publishers. Justin Hoffman, director of technology at Strategic Insight and co-chair of the Digital Media Council, shares six ways that his company is adapting. 

October 5, 2017:  "Why All the Hype Around CDPs" featuring a case study from healthcare publisher Frontline Communications and the adoption of a customer data platform to drive new revenue (in conjunction with Audience Marketing Committee).