Connectiv Data Council:
Selling Data Is Different - A Crash Course In Getting Your Sales Team Up-to-Speed

Whether its market data sold as a premium subscription product or audience data that’s augmenting ad sales to help close deals, selling data is a whole new ball game. Matt Cocchiaro, vice president of product and technology at Questex and former executive director of industry solutions at IHS Markit, has helped train sales teams of both types and will offer crucial, actionable takeaways on getting your front-line sellers data-ready, including, 

  1. How selling data products is different from selling content subscriptions 
  2. Tools that are critical in helping close data sales 
  3. How terminology and customer priorities differ with data 
  4. How ad sellers can be conversant in data and why that helps drive the sale to the next level. 

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Matt Cocchiaro Matt Cocchiaro
VP of Product and Technology, Questex