Connectiv/NAMA Webinar:
2020 Ag Media Usage Study - Where Ag Customers Spend Their Time (and Money)

Do you know where your customers spend their most time on media? What types of channels they turn to make buying decisions? How their media habits have changed over the past two years? Join us for an exclusive look at the 2020 Ag Media Usage Study, produced by Connectiv, the Business Information Association, the National Agri-Marketing Association and Readex Research. This 60-minute webinar will offer a deep dive into how the ag community uses media, including:

  • Weekly media usage 
  • How media influences the purchase journey 
  • The enduring viability of print as a marketing vehicle 
  • How media usage differs across key customer demographics such as age and income


Jack Semler
Jack Semler
President and CEO, Readex Research