How To Engineer Digital Revenue Growth:
Six Steps You May Have Overlooked


Digital dollars getting harder to come by. But there are a few (relatively) easy steps that a publisher of any size can take to turbocharge digital performance and see dollars grow as a result. Grey Montgomery, who has helped lead digital expansions at Winsight and McClatchy, will walk us through how to apply those case studies to your business, including,

  • How to explode traffic -- digital engineering and content techniques
  • Work smart, not hard -- how to best deploy your content team's precious time
  • Make more off of every pageview: Techniques to improve your effective RPMs
  • Mining what you got for greater revenue on no expense -- evergreen content, email and more
  • Rebuild your processes, org structure and culture for an ever-more-multi-platform world
  • The Future: Emerging opportunities for you to explore 


Grey Montgomery is a business strategist and senior media executive with expertise in transformations of large B2C news and B2B information service companies. Most recently he was Winsight’s chief content and innovation officer, responsible for content operations as well as new product development initiatives for Winsight’s media, events and market research groups. There, he led a tripling of Winsight's digital media traffic in two years and development of a forthcoming real-time restaurant industry sales and traffic data tracker. Grey came to Winsight from McClatchy, where he was head of mobile, and before that, Gannett, where he was strategy adviser to the chairman/CEO.