Six Audience Insights to Drive Incremental Revenue


Many B2B Media companies are trying to gain advantage by understanding the actions of their audience. By using these insights, companies can upsell and cross sell products as well as provide a more personalized experience or even identify and address declining engagement. 

Join us as we outline the six insights that every publisher and membership business should master to maximize potential revenue, including:

  1. A Decline in Subscription Usage
  2. Missed Up-sell Opportunities
  3. Missed Cross-sell Opportunities
  4. Missed Event Registrations
  5. Advertiser Audience Demographics
  6. Content Usage - Personalization Potential

John Roney of Advanced Insight 360, will provide some real world examples of how to get under the hood of your web and mobile sites to understand both revenue risk and revenue opportunities with subscribers and advertisers. Jonathan Ray, Vice President, Digital of Access Intelligence will explain how they are using insights to save renewals and drive new subscription revenue and Kevin Rehberg from Alliance for Audited Media will illustrate how his company has been able to prove their audience to its members.









John Roney, Founder Advanced Insight 360








Jonathan Ray, Vice President of Digital, Access Intelligence


Kevin Rehberg, Director of Client Development, Alliance for Audited Media