Connectiv Webinar:
Native Done Right - How to Sell Fewer Ads and Make More Money

The correlation between ad units per page and an increase in revenue no longer exists. When redesigned in 2017, it looked at the contribution each ad unit had in sales and the contextual value that the units provided readers. The answer was fewer ad units but more contextually relevant ads. Working with Dianomi Sponsored Content Units, now serves contextually relevant, brand safe ads on pages where they are most likely to engage. Hear how Kiplinger was able to reduce its overall inventory while boosting clickthroughs by 77 percent and CPMs by 248 percent, while maintaining high renewals with advertisers.


Phil Hawken Phil Hawken
Business Development Manager, Kiplinger

Cabell De Marcellus Cabell De Marcellus
CTO, Dianomi