Connectiv Webinar:
The Paywall Shift - Turning Users Into Subscribers

Instituting a paywall when users have grown used to free access can require a leap of faith. However, it doesn’t need to be one. Today, more than ever before, subscriber “pulse” survey tools will set the tone for your business.

This webinar focuses on the creation of a two-way channel of communication with your potential, current, and past subscriber base to effectively convert free users into paid subscribers.

Hear case studies on the implementation of a powerful Audience Experience Management Survey Platform and the action steps that will lead to growth and increased subscriber retention, as well as the lessons learned by Farm Journal on the launch of their new paid product, Pro Farmer.

You will learn:

  • How to listen to subscribers
  • How to identify highest value topics
  • How to minimize churn
  • How to identify "super subscribers" and other types of customers


Joe May Joe May
Marketing Director, Pro Farmer

Dean Horowitz Dean Horowitz
Co-Founder, IdeaSoil

Byron Zanopoulo Byron Zanopoulo
Managing Director, Signet Research