One Subscriber or 48,000 Pageviews? Understanding Editorial Economics and Turning Content Producers into Revenue Generators


Do you understand what a customer is actually worth? Better yet, do your editors? When trying to get basic metrics about the value of a subscriber, the marginal impact of a page view on advertising revenue, and other key metrics, many publishers either don’t have clear answers or that information is too siloed across advertising, subscription and content groups. 

As the information industry shifts from free content and digital display to paid content, customer value (and indeed, the value of employees) is changing. Matt Skibinski of the Lenfest Institute will share specific breakdowns on the new unit economics of information and leave you with a strategy for schooling your editors on the business side and clarifying and measuring what content success actually means. 

Join us for a deep dive into, 

  • An explanation of key unit economic metrics of content 
  • How content teams can leverage data around basic daily reporting, subscriber content consumption reporting and subscriber influence reporting to understand how to allocate resources 
  • How to use unit economic metrics to help set subscription pricing, meter limits and other access rules. 


Matt Skibinksi
Matt Skibinksi
Author, Lenfest Institute for Journalism News