Membership Committee


To help ETIN grow membership from all sectors of the ed-tech industry and increase the engagement of existing members in ETIN activities, which will enhance the value of ETIN membership and in turn facilitate future growth.

Broad Activities

Our activities can be categorized broadly as advisory and promotional.

  • On an advisory level, we work with the ETIN board and management to develop strategic plans to increase membership and engagement of our existing members. The diverse perspectives of the committee members help ensure that membership activities are consistent with ETIN's mission and strategy and are aligned with other ETIN activities, including, awards, professional development, and event planning.
  • On a promotional level, we work with ETIN staff on targeted outreach to promote ETIN membership, activities, and awards programs. These initiatives have a short- to medium-term time horizon but are very important because of their potential to have immediate impact on ETIN results.

Who Should Join?

Individuals from ETIN member organizations who are interested in ensuring the most is made out of their SIIA membership; want to share the resources, products, and services of ETIN to colleagues; and desire to involve others in the EdTech community.

Committee Co-Chairs

Myron Cizdyn, CEO, BLPS Group
Neal Goff, Senior Advisor, Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips


Calls are scheduled from 12:30-1:30 pm ET on the last Thursday of the month.