ETIN Committees


This committee develops strategies and tactics around member recruitment, membership marketing and onboarding. The group will leverage the CODiE Awards program to identify and reach out to potential members.
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Mentoring and Professional Learning

The task force will explore and make recommendations for structuring professional learning programs that incorporate mentoring and credentialing. The group is also responsible for the formation of expert advisory groups.

Education Policy 

A working group of individuals whose role in their company is related to public policy and compliance with law. The group is part listening session on developing policy at the national and state level and part feedback group to shape SIIA's position on particular proposals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Created to help member companies support a more diverse education technology industry and ensure that  SIIA initiatives reflect that diversity. (→ Learn More)

Technical & Development (or Tech Dev)

Focuses on resolving the challenges around product development and undertakes a key initiative each year to support member challenges – on technical standards to content interoperability. (→ Learn More)