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ESSA, Title I Summary & Analysis
This report analyzes major changes in Title I from NCLB to ESSA and highlights potential areas of opportunities for education technology providers. [Members Only Download]

ESSA State Accountability System Indicators and Weighting
This spreadsheet provides a quick overview of each state's proposed accountability system, including the "other" indicators, proposed in their state plans. This spreadsheet includes only states that submitted their plans in May 2017. [Members Only Download]

Every Student Succeeds Act Fact Sheet
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) overhauls No Child Left Behind- the 2001 authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). ESSA marks a major change in federal policy by significantly reducing the federal role in education. This fact sheet highlights key provisions from the bill. [Members Only Download]

ESSA & The Marketplace - Webinar Archive
This webinar highlights the important changes from NCLB to ESSA that will impact schools and the market including accountability, funding, supplement-not-supplant, assessments, standards and more. [Members Only Archive]

ESSA Title II: Professional Development - Webinar Archive
This webinar archive highlights the important changes from NCLB to ESSA made under Title II - Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers, Principals, or Other School Leaders, including funding distribution, spending allowances, teacher equity, evaluations, and even literacy intervention programs. [Members Only Archive]

Guide to the E-Rate 2.0 
The Guide, in partnership with Funds For Learning, provides actionable market information to help the ed tech industry navigate E-rate 2.0. The Guide reviews the FCC’s recent E-rate modernization, including summary of the significant update to its rules and eligible services, analysis of the evolving E-rate market, and how the E-rate affects school technology purchases and planning. [Read the executive summary or download the full report in the ETIN Store]

Webinar Archive
- Understanding the New E-Rate & Its Impact on the K-12 Market

This April 28, 2015 webinar highlights the FCC's revisions to the E-Rate program and how education service providers will benefit from the new focus on broadband access. The webinar was held in conjunction with the release of the new 'Guide to the E-rate 2.0' produced by Funds for Learning. 
[Public Archive]


USED EQUIP Program Fact Sheet [Updated Aug. 2016]
The U.S. Department of Education announced in October 2015 a new pilot program intended to offer higher education students more flexible and affordable learning options. This fact sheet offers an analysis of the EQUIP program and information about applying to the program.
[Members Only Access]

Trends in Higher Ed Funding Fact Sheet
Higher education support has been in decline for many years but took a significant hit during the 2008 recession. While enrollment numbers went through the roof, state support took a nosedive and tuition costs began to rise. This fact sheet analyzes the trends in higher education funding and looks at the potential impact on the market.
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TechHire Fact Sheet
The U.S. Department of Labor launched the TechHire Grant Competition in November utilizing H-1B funds to award $100M to grantees to pilot or scale-up innovative accelerated job training programs. This fact sheet offers key details about the program and information about applying.
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Webinar Archive
- Understanding the Impact of Government Policies on Higher Education
This February 24, 2015 webinar provided SIIA members with background in current government policies guiding postsecondary institutional decision-making across the nation. Guest speakers were Jarret Cummings, EDUCAUSE, and Rich Hershman, National Association of College Stores (NACS)
[Members Only Access]

Gainful Employment Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides a summary and analysis of the recently announced “Gainful Employment” regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Education. Postsecondary institution service providers will find information about how these new rules will shift the higher education landscape and the ripple effect on the market. [Members Only Download]


Instructional Materials Decision-Making Resources
A collection of guides and checklists for school district and higher education administrators and educators to use when evaluating new instructional materials. For policymakers, the materials provide educational information on open educational resources (OER) and the quality components to be expected of all materials. [Resource Library]

Lifeline Program Summary and Analysis
The FCC released a comprehensive set of changes to the federal Lifeline Program in April 2016. With a new focus on broadband access, the changes will likely have an impact on the education technology market as schools see the online "homework gap" begin to close. This summary and analysis highlights key changes to the program. [Members Only Download]

Federal Grantee Procurement Regulations Fact Sheet- Updated November 2015
This fact sheet offers a quick update on the Office of Management and Budget's Modernization of federal procurement regulations. The new rules being published on December 26, 2014 will apply to all federal grantees - e.g., school districts, states, institutions of higher education, etc. -and their vendors. [Members Only Download]

2015 State of the Union Summary & Analysis
Providing a brief overview of President Obama's 2015 education priorities impacting education service providers, this document also provides SIIA members with insight into the likelihood of their success. [Members Only Download]

Federal Privacy Resources
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) [Members Only Download]
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) [Members Only Download]

State Privacy Resources

The U.S. Department of Education announced in October 2015 a new pilot program intended to offer higher education students more flexible and affordable learning options. This fact sheet offers an analysis of the EQUIP program and information about applying to the program.