Education Policy


SIIA supports a comprehensive, life-long learning strategy to prepare our citizenry with the knowledge and skills for 21st Century success. Public policies should support: investment in education technology, 21st Century learning policies, student data privacy and security, digital learning R&D, and a high-skilled workforce.

Investment in Education Technology — SIIA seeks increased investment in education technology and support for effective use for teaching and learning, including the E-rate program, Every Student Succeeds Act, and Higher Education Act.

21st Century Learning Policies SIIA supports reform of outdated regulations in favor of 21st Century personalized learning policies, especially the shift from seat-time to anytime, everywhere competency-based learning.

Student Data Privacy and Security — SIIA supports all stakeholders - educators, service providers, and policymakers - in implementing the appropriate policies and practices for safeguarding the privacy and security of personal student information.

Digital Learning R&D — SIIA supports education technology research and development through government-industry partnership, not government competition with the private sector.

High-Skilled Workforce — SIIA encourages education for a 21st century workforce, especially targeted STEM education, training and other workforce development policies to meet the economy's needs for a skilled high-tech workforce.