SIPA DC Chapter BrainTrust Dinners

SIPA BrainTrust Dinners

Since 1980, BrainTrust Dinners have been a venue for DC-area marketers, publishers and content providers to discuss new ideas (and warn about the ones that flopped), tap into each other's resource networks, and follow wherever the conversation takes us. We encourage attendees to bring their challenges to share and problem solve with the group.

“I loved the INFOLocal event! Mind blowing expose on how you can track people via your company's server and by other means with the aim of contacting and engaging them.” -- Brian McGreevy

All conversations are off-the-record, so conversations can flow freely. Attendance is open to SIPA and SIIA members and nonmembers. 

: Tuesday, July 24th

TOPIC: Top Takeaways from SIPA's Annual Conference

TIME: 7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

COST: Members are FREE. Separate checks will be provided. Attendance is limited to 15.

Cactus Cantina
3300 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20016


Schedule for 2018

  • January 9
  • May1
  • July 24
  • December 5

Schedule for 2017

  • January 26
  • April 4
  • July 26
  • September 12
  • November 1

Schedule for 2016

  • January 27
  • March 30
  • May 10
  • July 2

BrainTrust Dinner Chair

Barbara Weckstein Kaplowitz
Big Huge Ideas