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London Chapter Meetup

Attending a SIPA meeting leaves you brimming with ideas for your business. 

SIPA's networking drinks and roundtables provide a venue for publishing, media and information services professionals to network, learn from one another and build their peer connections. 

The information shared is always considered confidential and, as a result, allows for an open, inviting dialogue among participants.

Upcoming VIRTUAL Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 22 April, 2020
Time: 10-11:45 AM | Greenwich Mean Time
Location: Zoom

Join us for an interactive discussion around the misuse of subscription accounts. Expert speakers James Henderson, CEO of Zephr and Tony Skeggs, CTO of PEI will examine the costs that subscription publishers may face as a result of account sharing. Attendees will gain practical knowledge best practices to detect, analyze and help mitigate losses to their bottom lines.