SIPA's New Marketing and Sales Strategies for Customer Acquisition Conference 2016 Proceedings

Discover proven techniques publishers and content providers can use to boost leads, customers and revenue

Marketers are combining new digital technologies and new creative approaches to generate breakthrough results in customer acquisition. This event was designed to help you choose the latest proven strategies for lead generation and sales, as well as test, measure and improve their effectiveness for your products

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6:00PM - 8:45PM

Dutch Treat Dinner


8:15AM - 9:00AM

Registration and Morning Refreshments

8:50AM - 9:00AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Nancy Brand, Managing Director, SIPA

9:00AM - 9:30AM

New KPIs for the Digitized World of Sales and Marketing: How to Track What's Important Today | Slides  | Video

As sales and marketing channels have become more varied, complex and automated, so have content providers had to change the way they measure their performance and what to monitor on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Learn from a publisher who has grown dramatically despite the changes of the last two decades and what numbers now keep him awake at night . . . or make his day.

  • Dan Oswald, CEO, Business and Legal Resources (BLR)

9:35AM - 10:05AM

The New Frontier: Melding Marketing Creativity with Technology Muscle for Increased Results | Video | Notes

Successful marketing no longer springs only from a powerful USP, nor can you strictly rely on a sophisticated new marketing automation platform. Today you need to combine the talents of marketing "creatives" with those of marketing technologists to take full advantage of audience micro-targeting, SEO, pay-per-click, message testing and social media plays. Learn survival lessons from a marketing veteran with years of experience navigating the pitfalls of combining marketing content with new technologies.

  • Greg Krehbiel, Director of Marketing Operations, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.

10:10AM - 10:55AM

How to Use Marketing Automation Systems to Generate High-Quality Leads and Increased Sales | Video | Slides

Marketing automation platforms open uprevolutionary possibilities for content marketing, lead scoring, high-quality prospect targeting and more revenue. But these systems can also bring untold (and unforeseen) expenses and complications to the marketing process. Find out how two marketers have dealt with and conquered these challenges to create more sophisticated, more profitable lead generation and customer acquisition.

10:55AM - 11:10AM

Networking Break

11:10AM - 11:55AM

SEO for Publishers: How to Drive Tens of Thousands of Visitors and What to Do with Them When They Arrive 

Many publishers give a passing nod to SEO, but few even begin to tap the tremendous power of search for generating traffic, leads and increased sales.Learn from two search-savvy publishers how to launch smart SEO programs that can move the needle quickly and profitably.

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Networking Lunch

1:00PM - 1:45PM

Supercharge Your Telemarketers: Secrets for Making Contact, Compelling Scripts and Follow-Ups that Clinch the Deal | Video | Slides

Your prospects are harried, hard-nosed and masters at deflecting telemarketers. So what was it you wanted to tell them? Learn techniques for getting past the gatekeeper, writing scripts that deliver benefits quickly and turning more of those “call-backs” into sales. You’ll also learn how to identify winning sales people in interviews and on your CSR team, as well as sales training tips and making the most of various sales channels and timing. You’ll take this session to the bank.

1:50PM - 2:35PM

Social Media Marketing for Content Providers: Brand Development vs. Monetization | Slides | Video

Social media can be a powerful tool for company and product branding, but what techniques are working to drive sales?And how can you keep your social communications authentic, while keeping the potential time suck under control?What are the most efficient platforms and uses of social media marketing? Get answers from two experts with different perspectives – one editorial and one marketing - and years of experience---good and bad---in harnessing social.

  • Diane Schwartz, SVP & Group Publisher, Media Communications Group, Access Intelligence

2:40PM - 3:25PM

Advanced Content Marketing: What's New and What's Working 

If content is king, content marketing should be ruler of the universe. But content marketing can attract many unqualified prospects, and solid results have proven elusive for some publishers. What kinds of content packages and offers work wonders to attract prime buyers? How can you boost your free trials and especially those critical pay-up rates? Get lessons learned and current best practices from these experienced content marketers.

3:30PM - 3:45PM

Networking Break

3:45PM - 4:30PM

Techniques for Accurate A/B Testing---Even for Small Publishers | Video | Slides

Everybody knows we should be testing "everything." But what really is worth testing, and what kind of traffic or list size is large enough to achieve meaningful results? More importantly, which techniques, copy and testing technologies have marketers found to be most effective---so you can test it, too? Listen in as two veteran marketers share their findings from dozens of tests.

  • Robert Brady, President Emeritus, Business and Legal Resources (BLR) 
  • Henry Hotkowski, Marketing Manager, HR & Compensation Markets, Business and Legal Resources (BLR)

4:30PM - 4:40PM

Closing Remarks

6:00PM - 8:45PM

Dutch Treat Dinner

View more of SIPA's upcoming events at and access more conference proceedings under Member Resources.