SIPA Retreat - February 6-8, 2020 - Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort

100% of Attendees Highly
Recommend SIPA's Retreat

"The Retreat was a powerful "mastermind" kind of event, providing the ability to personally know, and to learn, from some of the brightest minds in our business." Mike Lessiter
President, Lessiter Media Inc.

SIPA Retreat

The publishing and media industry continues to change rapidly. Are you in touch with the latest trends? Are you confident in your strategic plan? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity and prioritizing the ones with the most potential for your business? Join other industry executives at SIPA's Winter Owners and Publishers Retreat where you can leverage the experience and expertise of peers and get a practical, sincere critique of your own initiatives that will help you increase your chances of success.

SIPA's Retreat is the place to find the leading-edge strategies and candid dialogue you need to move your business forward. As a part of this high-level executive group, you will be able to comfortably share your biggest challenges and collectively problem solve through them with others who have had or are having similar experiences.

This Retreat is open to a limited number of participants. With 100% of attendees recommending this retreat to a colleague, we anticipate the 2020 retreat will also sell out. 


  • You decide and prioritize what will be discussed. A pre-meeting questionnaire will be sent to all participants to focus the discussion. The meeting will be built to focus on the topics most important to the group.
  • Discussions are marked by total candor and will be kept confidential. Nothing will be recorded. You can freely share what has worked for you and find out what others are doing in a guaranteed confidential setting.

Meeting Format

  • The meeting has limited seats. It is an intimate group; there will be time to discuss your concerns – both at the meeting, over drinks, meals and other informal settings.
  • Bring your specific questions to the table to get input from colleagues — often some of the most successful executives in the industry.
  • Must be willing and ready to share information and foster an environment of open communication.
  • The conversations had at the retreat must be kept confidential and not be shared with those not in attendance.

""You'll sell out next year on word of mouth alone."Pat McKeough
Founder & President, The Successful Investor

Attendee Testimonials

"Of all SIPA's events, the Owners and Publishers Retreat is the best for building close relationships with peers and learning from each other's successes and failures. "

Tim Lutts, CEO, Cabot Wealth Network

Tim Lutts

"The Owners' and Publishers' retreat is my favorite event. I've been going for years and the relationships built there have deepened over the years and have led to important insights for my business."

Stephanie Eidelman, CEO, insideARM

Stephanie Eidelman

"Very few professions provide an opportunity to roll up your shirtsleeves with professional friends you trust--and who understand your business and care about your success. SIPA does...and it happens every February."

David Foster, CEO, Business Valuation Resources

David Foster

"The SIPA retreat for publishers is worth every minute in my extremely hectic schedule. Every year, I get great insights, make great contacts, and see critical business issues more clearly."

Dan Fink, Managing Director, Money-Media, a Financial Times Company

Dan Fink