SIPA's Webinar on Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Are you looking for specific ideas and strategies for using social media channels to drive growth? How should you decide the right level of investment and staffing for desired outcomes? And what about setting reasonable goals and using proven and accurate methods for measuring success?

Join us for SIPA’s Webinar on Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts on June 26 and discover best practices, emerging trends and what you need to be doing right now to get maximum ROI from your social media efforts. 

Get your questions answered in the following key areas to success in social media: 

  • Social Media Calendar 
  • Editorial Topics 
  • Tone and Voice 
  • Contesting 
  • Community 
  • Metrics 

And much more!


Charity HuffCharity Huff, CEO, January Spring
Charity is CEO of January Spring, a digital marketing & advertising agency that partners with niche media companies to make the most of digital. January Spring helps publishers grow their digital audience and subscribers through social media, e-newsletters and website redesigns. As a natural extension of that work, the agency also provides the very best digital and social solutions these publishers can bring to their advertisers. Prior to starting January Spring with her partner, Shannon McBride, Charity built the advertising analytics platform, Tru Measure, widely used by the US newspaper publishing industry. That business was acquired by McClatchy in 2013.