SIPA's Webinar on How to Harness Social Media to Diversify Your Subscriber Base

How diverse is your subscriber base? Are you reaching new, younger readers, subscribers, attendees and members? Is your approach working to develop a new pipeline of customers? Join us on March 26 and discover how Spidell Publishing and January Spring partnered together to achieve the following goals:

  • Leverage social media to reach new subscribers, webinar/seminar attendees and commerce sales
  • Introduce the trusted Spidell Publishing brand to younger professionals and target a wider market
  • Develop social media marketing as a core competency within Spidell’s marketing team
  • Use best practices and tools to manage and grow their social media presence and effectiveness

Find out how experienced social marketers and a strong publishing operation worked together to accelerate social media marketing, develop standard operating procedures within the marketing team and deployed a paid social media strategy with a clear ROI.


Lynn FreerLynn Freer, President, Spidell Publishing Inc.
Spidell is the premier provider of California tax research and education for tax professionals. Spidell offers monthly newsletters and a profit-generating online research service. Over the past 15 years, Spidell has transformed itself into the go-to company for over 18,000 tax professionals who get their education via seminars, webinars and self-study courses.

Charity HuffCharity Huff, CEO, January Spring
January Spring digital marketing & advertising agency that partners with niche media publishers to make the most of digital. January Spring helps publishers grow their digital audience and subscribers through social media, e-newsletters and website redesigns. As a natural extension of that work, the agency also provides the very best digital and social solutions these publishers can bring to their advertisers. Prior to starting January Spring, Charity built the advertising analytics platform, Tru Measure, widely used by the US newspaper publishing industry, which was acquired by McClatchy in 2013.