SIPA’s Webinar on Practical Application of Data - Expanding Audience, Improving ROI, and Developing New Products

All organizations are becoming data companies. Niche audiences’ owners are in a unique position to leverage this opportunity to develop new and more engaging products and services, improve marketing ROI and rapidly expand their audience. How might we harness our existing data and tap into new sources to better serve customers, increase engagement and grow our businesses? 

Join us on Wednesday, December 5 at 2:00 PM ET for a discussion on prioritizing actionable data, the importance of maintenance, managing privacy concerns, the benefits of a customer data platform, and use cases and examples.


Dennis O'BrienDennis O'Brien, Managing Director, O'Brien Media Group
Dennis O’Brien is the managing director of the O’Brien Media Group and Vice President, US Client Services for Meritgroup. Dennis is an expert in building highly effective, data-driven audience development, product marketing, product development, and custom media services programs. Meritgroup supports these initiatives with mission critical data and coding resources that underpin some of the world’s most respected b2b brands. A seasoned executive and leading industry expert, his wide breadth of experience includes niche enthusiast, business, general interest, association, and healthcare markets. O'Brien's ideas and leadership have earned positive results for clients and employers for more than twenty years.