SIPA Webinar: The Ultimate Copywriting Secret: Use It to Skyrocket Your Response Rates (and Make Your Job Much Easier)

What if you could change just one thing about your copy to dramatically increase your results---plus make your copywriting assignments go faster without all the anguish? In this one-hour webinar, copywriting legend Jim Sinkinson will share with you the most important secret for creating copy that inspires people to buy your products, plus give you valuable wisdom that will make writing copy one of your most enjoyable tasks, instead of one of the most difficult. 

This webinar is for every marketing or product manager who's called on to write emails, landing pages or brochures---and whose success is judged by response.


Jim Sinkinson, Igniter in Chief, Fired Up! Marketing
Jim founded Infocom Group in 1980 and sold it in 2015. The company produced online information services, webinars, books, special reports and live events for the corporate communications market. Sinkinson has won numerous awards, including two Gold Awards from Newsletter on Newsletters, editorial awards from SIPA, and an Axel award. Sinkinson served as president of the Northern California chapter of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) for 25 years, served on the SIPA board of directors for 12 years, and served as SIPA president in 1993-94. In June, 2001, Jim was named to the SIPA Hall of Fame. He offers expertise in copywriting, online marketing, editorial content, conferences, sales, strategic planning, product development and innovation.