Connectiv/SIPA Webinar:
Models for 2020 Success: New Product Opportunities for the New Year

Now is the perfect time to get going on initiatives that will help you boost performance and increase revenue. But what are some of the hot new trends for 2020? Is content still king? Are subscription-based products taking center stage again? What do customers expect from your company and your website?

Good thing we have four highly successful publishing and media professionals who are on the cutting edge of the changes and challenges we’re seeing in 2020. 

Register for “Models for 2020 Success: Publishing and Media Experts Reveal Trends and New Product Opportunities for the New Year” on Thursday, February 27, 2020, and join SIPA and Connectiv for a very special webinar. Listen as our experts—Chris Ferrell from Endeavor Business Media, Hannah Glover from Money-Media, Angela Kornegor from MedLearn Media, and John Yedinak from Aging Media Network—reveal details of some of the new initiatives they’re pursuing for 2020, how they got started, and why these ideas make sense for them, and maybe even for you, too.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this 60-minute webinar:  

  • How one company, focusing primarily on editorial, was able to create a process from scratch, then use that same process again and again to build six profitable new verticals. You’ll learn what it took to create this new process, and how the company was able to replicate it successfully across other industries.
  • The latest on a new subscription-based product, more than a year in the making, that offers high-quality, specialized content in one place. All-access passes allow subscribers to get the information they want, when and where they want it. Think of it as the Netflix model for business information. Find out why they created it and the process they went through to make it a reality.
  • Why one media company embarked on a comprehensive website redesign to create a deeper, more engaging experience for customers by giving its reporters the tools they need to create visuals, as well as add images, audio, video, and more which allows them to tell their stories in a variety of different and more appealing ways.
  • And finally, the latest about a company expanding its data business to generate revenue that will eventually be equal to what it makes from other product offerings—and why this is so important to the overall success of the business. Find out how the new data products are helping them become a more integral part of their customers’ business practices.

Meet the Experts

Chris Ferrell
Chris Ferrell
Endeavor Business Media

Hannah Glover
Hannah Glover

Angela Kornego
Angela Kornegor
MedLearn Media

John Yedinak
John Yedinak
Aging Media Network