Tie Your Forecasting Funnel to Your Sales Strategy: How Product Management and Marketing Use Forecast Data to Meet Sales Objectives

Forecasting reports are critical drivers of your sales objectives. But the information shouldn’t be just for your sales team. Whether you’re analyzing your share of the market, determining when sales are more likely to happen, or understanding which products generate the biggest returns, product managers and marketers can use the data to support your sales objectives and maximize revenue.

Learn about some of the ways product management and marketing can help keep your sales on track. To find out more, register for “Tie Your Forecasting Funnel to Your Sales Strategy: How Product Management and Marketing Use Forecast Data to Meet Sales Objectives,” scheduled for Friday, April 10, 2020 at noon Eastern Time, then listen as Ed Rather from the American Chemical Society (ACS) provides details of the process they’ve developed to engage their marketing, sales, and product development teams to collaboratively meet the company’s sales objectives.

In addition, Mr. Rather will address sales forecasting in light of the current crisis. Find out how you can pivot sales strategy when a primary source of revenue disappears. Learn about potential product replacements for revenue missing from conference-related activity. Whether it’s creating new sources of revenue or increasing sales from products already offered, discover how to respond to the market to make up the difference.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this 60-minute webinar:  

  • How sales, product management, and marketing can all use your forecasting funnel to meet your company’s business goals.
  • The five must-have reports to accurately forecast your sales.
  • How analytics can help you understand the size of your potential audience, what your competition is doing, and ways to increase your share of the market.
  • How to accurately project sales in the current situation.
  • How to keep staff focused on sales goals when everyone is working remotely.
  • How to makes sure your sales reps are as consistent as possible in their forecasting.
  • The tech systems that can help your departments keep track of the data.

…and much more!


Ed Rather
Ed Rather
Manager, Advertising Sales Operations, American Chemical Society

Ed Rather leads advertising sales operations for the American Chemical Society. Through 8 years of experience, Ed has found success managing global advertising budgets for multimillion-dollar revenue streams. In addition to sales operations, Ed is also the product manager for the American Chemical Society recruitment-advertising portfolio. In 2017, Ed launched an upgraded niche scientific job board for Chemical & Engineering News called C&ENjobs, which has since generated over $2.1 million in revenue.