Member Testimonials

"The SIIA Software & Services Division is the world leader in recognizing outstanding software. It's a peer-review rigorous evaluation process and winning a CODiE means you've really achieved something special. Now they're running the Deciphering series of regional knowledge sharing seminars to take SIIA beyond just software into what it takes to run great software company. There's never been a better time to be part of SIIA. I can't wait to see how they continue to drive forward with their programs in support and in showcasing great software and the great companies that make it."
Neil Wainewright, CEO, Nexonia

"Being a member of SIIA delivers tremendous value: a chance to influence topics our industry collectively cares about and opportunities to network and to share best practices and insights with leaders in similar roles."
Brian Bell, CMO, Ping Identity

"SIIA allows us to enlarge our ecosystem of partners and potential partners. It provides us with multiple venues to directly collaborate among the top leadership of member companies."
Edy Liongosari, Global Director of Research, Technology Labs, Accenture

"I'm proud to both be a member of SIIA and serve on its Board of Directors. Participating and networking with my peers in a number of different association functions over the years has given me great insight into problems people are actively solving across a variety of business models and industries."
Guillaume Vives, Head of Product Strategy & Marketing, Zuora

"I have been an SIIA member as a startup and then as an executive at a publicly traded software company. Whether you are a large company or an up and coming company, the SIIA is the place to be. You gain visibility, insight and, most importantly, an invaluable resource for improving your technology and your business."
Morris Panner, CEO, DICOM Grid

"SIIA is a perfect way for Avangate to stay connected with our core software and information services customer base and not only stay atop industry thought leadership, but to also connect deeply with thought leaders. The 'Deciphering' event series is a great example of SIIA creating communities around areas like 'Customer Success' and the 'New Marketer' that help the members navigate the increasing rate of change impacting our industry with practical advice and peer information sharing. Especially with Software literally 'eating the world' across virtually every industry, the need to be part of this association is only growing.”
Michael Ni, CMO, Avangate

"To be a member of the SIIA Software & Services Division community has shown to be very valuable to us. Having your own network at 'the source' of where software innovations are being shared, honored and business partnership are built is a 'must have' to grow your own sustainable and competitive Software and Services Business"
Frits Veltnik, Managing Director, SaaS Energy

"It's an increasingly social world where business relationships are critical to our success. The SIIA has created a technologic community where we learn from, partner with and sell to our fellow members. As a result, the social, intellectual and business benefits of our membership deliver a killer ROI on our SIIA investment. I highly recommend the SIIA as a key component of every technology companies marketing mix."
Richard Dym, CMO, Gagein

"In today's complex constantly changing world of innovations customers are looking to rely on a combination of best of breed companies to meet their needs as compared to previous generations where customers may partner with one large giant tech company strived to have it all covered. SIIA is the industry's leading hub of innovators that can come together to share best practices, collaborate and drive combined solutions to bring today's customers what they need to address range of challenges they face year over year. My company AppFirst has realized amazing value from SIIA participation and like most things in life the more you invest into something the more you benefit from it! Thank you SIIA!"
David Roth, CEO, AppFirst

"The SIIA has given me the opportunity to network and build relationships with my peers around the country. When I am faced with a challenge or considering a new opportunity I can pick up the phone and quickly learn what others are doing. This has really accelerated our growth and success."
Ron Antevy, CEO, e-Builder

"SIIA membership has given us a decisive collaborative edge through its effective affiliation and quality peer network of key senior software industry players. Active membership in SIIA has provided us with a decisive industry community advantage that we would not have otherwise."
Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology

"SIIA affords us a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with high growth software companies. We've been very pleased with the content of the programs and the companies that we've engaged with through our membership."
Marc Chiang, Partner, Technology Industry Practice, Grant Thornton LLP

"SIIA is perhaps the most active industry association for software and related technology companies. Whether the topic is public policy initiatives, intellectual property and licensing rights, innovation strategies or partnerships, SIIA is always out in front of industry issues. We’ve found that leadership to be especially apparent in the fast-moving area of cloud computing."
Michael Binko, President & CEO, Kloudtrack

"SIIA is a great way to keep up with industry leading-edge trends and develop relationships with ISVs (large and small.) Additionally SIIA’s conferences are a collaborative format to contribute thought leadership and present current thinking."
Timothy Jellison, Partner, Accenture

"SIIA membership has both strategic and tactical value. Strategically, SIIA membership allows me to stay connected with the thought leaders in the software and content markets, and gives me an opportunity to influence and be influenced. Tactically, SIIA is a great avenue to gain more exposure and reach prospects, customers and potential partners."
Umberto Milletti, CEO, InsideView

"For large companies like IBM, the SIIA provides great connections to important 'rising star' companies that we want to partner with, and provides a range of opportunities for us to discuss leading edge topics that are critical to our industry. The SIIA also does an outstanding job on the public policy front, which is critical to ensure we maintain the policies that fuel the innovation our country depends on."
Michael Riegel, Vice President, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM Software Group

"SIIA is more than an Industry Association or an advocacy group, it is a real community of software and information professionals. It has been my experience that the biggest single benefit our company has received from being associated with SIIA has been the opportunity to collaborate directly with leadership across the software, information, and content marketplaces. In particular, we have had new hires, new clients, and new projects which have stemmed directly from the friends we have developed working in close contact with SIIA. It is hard to put a value on such a network or an organization."
Stephen Leicht, EVP & COO, Collexis Holdings Inc.

"Joining the SIIA and actively participating in its many programs has been a great win/win partnership for Saugatuck Technology."
Bill McNee, Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology