Issue Briefs

The Software & Services Division's member-produced Issue Briefs offer valuable insight on a number of critical topics facing the industry. SIIA members can download the Issue Briefs with login credentials. Non-SIIA members can get copies of the Issue Briefs by contacting Katie Carlson .

Native App or Web Site? Deciding Your Next Step in Mobile
Authors: Paul Moceri, Deloitte, David Smud, Deloitte, Daniel Vitulich, Deloitte and Nolan Wright, Appcelerator

Building a High Value SaaS Business
Authors: Kevin Dobbs, Montclair Advisors, LLC and Lauren Kelley, OPEXEngine

Key Characteristics of PaaS
Authors: Rachel Lyubovitzky,, and Amit Manghani, SAP

The Mobile Dilemma: Web vs. Native Application Development
Authors: Jason Prater, Plex Systems, and Neil Wainwright, Nexonia
Contributors: Lars Kamp, Accenture, Diana Helander, Adobe

Challenges & Best Practices Associated with Transitioning to the SaaS Model
Author: Kevin Dobbs, Montclair Advisors
Contributor: Keri Brooke, Host Analytics

Purchasing SaaS – Software as a Service
Author: Nina Sorrentino, Centah

SaaS – Software as a Secure Service
Author: Ilia Alshanetsky, Centah