SIIA's Deciphering Finance

SIIA’s Deciphering Finance is a publication cataloging finance strategies and best practices. New technology trends are rapidly transforming our industry, making this one of the most exciting times in technology evolution. Every aspect of business is evolving to meet this changing landscape and Finance is no different.

Our goal for this book is to provide solid guidance to help finance executives understand how these new technology trends can benefit finance departments and which new financial metrics are vital to the business. To do this we tapped into the minds of the SIIA member executives driving finance departments today. Our members provide technology solutions or services across a spectrum of industries and their expertise can be applied to many verticals. The depth and breadth of expertise was collected to produce an unparalleled guide to finance.

With articles from industry experts, this book is an excellent resource for finance executives looking to better utilize innovative technologies and trends to keep their companies competitive in the marketplace.

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Ron Gill, CMA, CFM, CFO
What the Cloud Means to Finance
Rene LaCerte, CEO
For Clarity, CFOs Turn to The Cloud

Tyler Sloat, CFO
The Subscription Economy CFO

Morris Panner, General Manager
The New Role and Challenges the CFO in Healthcare Faces

Jim Emerich, CFO
Savings on Both Sides: Vendor and Client Perspectives on the Financial Advantages of SaaS

Adaptive Planning
Robert Hull, Founder, President, CFO
What are the Biggest Misconceptions Among Finance Professionals Today?

Lauren Kelley, CEO and Founder
A Good CFO Understands the Numbers - A Great CFO Influences the Numbers

Plex Systems
Jim Shepherd, VP Corporate Strategy and Product
Focus on Financials: Comprehensive ERP and Financial Management for a Manufacturing Competitive Advantage

Mat Ellis, Founder
The New CFO: Cloud Financial Officer