The Software & Services Division produces annual publications with a goal of providing insights into some of today's challenges in the software industry and how successful companies are addressing these challenges to continue on a path of solid growth.  Please click on the link below to view the publication or issue brief.

CEO Publication
With interviews from industry experts, this book is an excellent resource for executives managing businesses and assessing future growth.

CMO Publication
SIIA's Marketing in Today's Economy is the first SIIA publication to catalog business-to-business sales and marketing tactics. Marketing today requires different approaches since the way customers consume data is constantly changing. This book is an excellent resource for those looking to leverage new tactics and technologies to develop and execute a successful marketing plan.

CFO Publication
SIIA’s Deciphering Finance is a publication cataloging finance strategies and best practices.  Our goal for this book is to provide solid guidance to help finance executives understand how these new technology trends can benefit finance departments and which new financial metrics are vital to the business.  This book is an excellent resource for finance executives looking to better utilize innovative technologies and trends to keep their companies competitive in the marketplace.

Issue Briefs
The Software  & Services Division's member-produced Issue Briefs offer valuable insight on a number of critical topics facing the industry.  Check out the collection of issue briefs today.