SIIA's Marketing in Today's Economy

SIIA's Marketing in Today's Economy is the first SIIA publication to catalog business-to-business sales and marketing tactics. Marketing today requires different approaches since the way customers consume data is constantly changing. Our goal for this book is to provide solid guidance to help marketing executives build their brand, gain leads, and increase customer support. To do this, we tapped into the experience of the SIIA membership. Our members provide technology solutions or services across a spectrum of industries and their marketing expertise can be applied to any vertical. This depth and breadth of expertise was collected to produce an unparalleled guide to marketing.

With articles from industry experts, this book is an excellent resource for those looking to leverage new tactics and technologies to develop and execute a successful marketing plan.

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Robert Wollan
Battleships and Speedboats - Creating and Implementing a Social Media Technology Platform
Scott Schwarhoff, Vice President Marketing
4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Development Strategy
Adriana Iordan, Chief Product Evangelist
Keys to Social Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting
Jim Godsey, Director of Marketing
Embracing Buyer's Journey Marketing
Joe Chernov, Vice President of Content Marketing
Social Advertising Best Practices for the Social Marketer
Liz Schofield, Vice President Marketing
Search Engine and Cloud Marketing
Ralf VonSosen, Vice President Marketing
Social Sales and Marketing: Why Right Person, Right Time and Right Message Still Matter
Amy Mininger, Teaming and Partner Relations
Partner Engagement Process Standardization: Operational Excellence for Sales
Ken Chow, Chief Marketing Officer
Social Media in B2B - One Marketer's Journey into the Darkeness
M5 Networks
Keith Nealon, Chief Revenue Officer
Digital Darwinism: The B2B Marketer's Evolution in SEO
Jon Miller, Vice President Marketing
How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video
SafeNet, Inc
Jennifer Lewis, Interactive Marketing Manager
Social Media and its Place in Interactive Strategy
Roger Bottum, Vice President Marketing
6 Essentials to B2B Content Marketing
StormSource Software
Eric Richard, Public Relations Specialist
How to Use Proven PR Tactics to Aid Your Marketing Efforts
Vizu Corp
Jeff Smith, Chief Marketing Officer & SVP of Client Services
How to Get the Most from Your Online Brand Advertising Investment
Jeff Yoshimura, Vice President Marketing
"Free" is a Choice, Not a Strategy