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MarketingSIIA's Marketing Network is a vibrant community of technology marketing professionals to exchange ideas and tools that help marketing professional succeed in today’s marketplace. The Marketing Community promotes the education of innovative marketing technologies and provides domain expertise though our member experts. The Marketing Community delivers high quality content and networking for marketing organizations and business professionals.

Use this platform to share insights, solve problems, keep up to date on industry trends, and foster innovation and growth through peer-to-peer connections. Check out the resources below for industry information or get actively involved by participating on a virtual forum. Join the group discussion on LinkedIn, and connect directly with your peers.

If you want to join the advisory board or share your thoughts on resources or events, please contact Jenn Carl, Program Manager of the Software & Services Division .

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Deciphering Marketing

MAR 6 Seattle, WA
MAY 9 Boston, MA
NOV 13 Austin, TX

Resources & Blogs

Engaging Customers Through Lifestyle Experiences: From Top of Transactions to Top of Mind | Accenture Video, 2014

Seamless Lifestyle Experiences: Moving from Transactional Moments to Top of Mind | Accenture White Paper, May 2014

Supply on Demand: Adapting to Change in Consumption and Delivery Models | Zuora Paper via The Economist Intelligence Unit

Mastering Your Subscription Pricing Game Plan: The Keys to Driving Recurring Revenue Growth | Zuora eBook, 2014

Accelerate Success in the Subscription Economy: Practical Guidance for Your Subscription Business | Zuora eBook, 2014

Advisory Board Mission

The overall mission for the community advisory boards is strategic planning and community development. As a result of these objectives, SIIA will work with Advisory Board members to help set the future community direction. The advisory board will serve as the advising body for the community, assessing needs, trends and success of community activities.

Term: 2-years

Advisory Board Responsibilities and Objectives:

  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Be knowledgeable about the mission and actively support the growth of the community
  • Provide thought leadership on prevailing issues
  • Organize and focus community topics on the most important issues
  • Identify and discuss professional and industry best practices for community
  • Lead or assist in content development where and when appropriate
  • Contribute content to community content channels

Additional Areas Where Advisory Boards Can Help:

  • Marketing
  • Ideas and suggestions on marketing of community activities and content
  • Promotion of community activities and content through various personal or professional channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc.)
  • Recruitment of fellow members to contribute to communities activities
  • Host an event
  • Serve as a thought leader by presenting at relevant SIIA forums and other events



2014 SIIA Marketing Industry Report – Marketing with Confidence | SIIA Webinar


If you are an SIIA member and would like to have your resources and events posted in the Marketing network, please email Jennifer Carl.