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Product ManagementWelcome to the community where you will find resources, news, events, and best practices on Product Management!

SIIA’s Product Management Network's mission is to build a community of product management professionals to share best practices related to reducing time to market, improving product quality, reducing prototyping costs, and identifying potential sales opportunities and revenue contributions. The Product Management Network promotes the people, data, processes and business systems that drive successful product development and management. Leveraging the domain experts of SIIA members, the Product Management Network delivers high quality content and networking for product organizations and business professionals.

Use this platform to share insights, solve problems, keep up to date on industry trends, and foster innovation and growth through peer-to-peer connections. Check out the resources below for industry information or get actively involved by participating on a virtual forum, joining the group discussion on LinkedIn, and connect directly with your peers.

If you want to share your thoughts on resources or events, please contact Jennifer Carl, Director of Software & Services Division, Programs.

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