Policies for Reopening and Remote Work Forces

The pandemic has created a lot of challenges for both employers and their workforces. Many (but not all) jurisdictions have begun reopening their offices; even more have embraced an enhanced role for a remote workforce. Join us for a conversation between Chris Mohr, SIIA’s General Counsel, and Karen Vladeck, a partner at Wittliff | Cutter PLLC and expert on employment law.

This webinar is designed to give SIIA members expert guidance on three key questions:

  • Does the CARES act as extended leave, and what does that mean for my business? 
  • What are the key employer considerations around reopening safely? 
  • What legal considerations surround transitioning to a remote workforce?


Karen Vladeck
Karen Vladeck
Partner, Wittliff Cutter

Chris Mohr
Chris Mohr
General Counsel, SIIA