ETIN Names 2016 Trendsetters with Traction, Supports Growth in Ed Tech Market

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ETIN Names 2016 Trendsetters with Traction, Supports Growth in Ed Tech Market
Nine education technology trendsetters to be featured at the 2016 Education Industry Symposium

DENVER, CO (July 26, 2016) – The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announces the nine ed tech companies to be recognized as “Trendsetters with Traction” during the Education Industry Symposium, the leading conference for the K-12 and higher education technology market. The selected companies will feature their products during general sessions built around the conference theme of “Building the Next Gen Learning Ecosystem.” 

The Trendsetters with Traction program is designed to highlight accomplishments and build visibility, capital and business opportunities for ground-breaking products that are making watch-worthy impressions on the PreK-20 market. The companies’ presentations will provide conference attendees with exemplary products that are vital technological components of a learning ecosystem – digital content, assessment, analytics and management systems.

The Trendsetters were selected from the applicant pool based on key selection criteria, including:

  • Entered the market with a Trendsetting product no more than five years ago
  • Caused students, educators and other ed tech companies to take notice
  • Supported by sound educational principles and innovative technology

The 2016 Trendsetters with Traction are:

Content Solutions

Readorium - Readorium (for grades 3-8), is a supplemental web-based program that teaches students the comprehension strategies and word-learning skills needed to comprehend substantive, grade-appropriate nonfiction text in science. Students at all skill levels can understand the same standards-based content because the readability levels of the text and supports they receive automatically adjust to their individual needs as they read. Teachers receive real-time reports and resources to further target instruction.

uCertify – uCertify is a leader in career & vocational training. uCertify is a highly interactive, cloud-based and device-enabled, course delivery platform which is equally effective for self-paced, instructor-led or blended learning. Almost all of uCertify’s 400 titles map one-on-one instruction with industry certifications, increasing the student’s employability. uCertify is a recipient of multiple SIIA CODiE Awards including the Best Education Solution Award.

Assessment Solutions

OAT – The provider of TAO, the only commercial-grade Open Source assessment platform in the market, OAT offers a unique perspective on the trends and challenges for next generation assessment systems, including the power and flexibility of online assessments as tools to support personalized learning, and the critical importance of interoperability. OAT has a growing list of partners, US state and district deployments, and global implementations in K12, Higher Ed, and corporate training.

Fast Bridge Learning – Fast Bridge Learning helps teachers foster greater learning outcomes with evidence-based classroom assessments in math, reading, and behavior. Developed by a team of nationally-renowned researchers from the University of Minnesota, Fast Bridge provides teachers with the best data and real-time feedback to inform intervention and instruction decisions that are highly targeted to the individual learner.

Analytics Solutions

Spotlight – Spotlight’s proprietary technology solves a pervasive problem in education: it makes data understandable and actionable to non-data analysts (students, parents, teachers and administrators) by converting it to narrative text in printable reports, WebPages or even personalized videos.

McGraw-Hill – SmartBook, the first and only adaptive reading and learning experience, makes every minute count by identifying and highlighting the most impactful content for students to master at a given point in time. SmartBook knows when it’s time for students to learn something new, when and what they are likely to forget, and is even able to identify their level of confidence to ensure continued engagement. SmartBook creates more focused and engaging study sessions to maximize productivity and efficiency in learning.

Management Systems

ClassLink – ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of a 1:1 or BYOD initiative.

Edsby – Edsby is an innovative, cloud-based platform purpose-built for K-12 that incorporates learning management, data aggregation and insightful analytics. Edsby gives school districts, regions or national governments better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness.

EvoText (Ogment) – EvoText is an educational software development house that develops custom eLearning solutions. EvoText’s experts have developed several of the most well-known, award-winning eLearning products for basal and supplemental publishers, schools and teachers over the past two decades. EvoText recently launched its first product, Ogment, designed to make the process of curriculum creation and delivery faster and easier.

The Education Industry Symposium is held July 25-27, 2016 at the Marriott City Center in Denver, CO. For more information about the Symposium or the Trendsetters with Traction program, visit or contact Donelle Blubaugh at

SIIA thanks Texthelp and QCSS, the Trendsetters with Traction sponsors at the 2016 Education Industry Symposium.

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